The power of Fancy

This part of the page is static, however note the three boxes below. They are from the homepage. I can update these featured products from the Fancy Dashboard and it will directly feed into the boxes on the homepage as well as this page. No duplication of code for duplication of stuff!

Also note the 'Coming soon to Fancy' section. Just the text under that heading is dynamic. This means you don't have to go into the code to edit that section.

Coming soon to Fancy

This section used to be about how blogs will be coming soon to Fancy.

With the power of Fancy I was able to update this section to tell you that Blogs are now available in Fancy and work great. Adding a blog is as simple as creating a template and dropping Fancy into it. For more information read the post about it on the Official Fancy Blog.

What makes Fancy different from a CMS?

Fancy is a drop-in solution for existing static pages. It doesn't require the entire page to be built around it.

Why PHP? Are you stupid?

I could write Fancy for NodeJS, Python, Rails, etc. The reason I have chosen PHP (even with all of its flaws) is because of the wide support it has. Fancy will even work on shared hosting where user access is very limited.