Get ready to meet the CMS that's not a CMS


Fancy is a drop-in system that lets you take your static HTML code and make it dynamically editable

Unlike other CMSs (like WordPress) you don't have to design your website around Fancy. You can design the website as if it was only ever going to be updated by manually editing the code. Fancy will then do all of the heavy lifting. Giving your clients a powerful editor to update their website. Hassle free. Not only is the editor super easy to use; it gets out of your way when you want to do more advanced work.

Go and look at the dashboard demo to see the full power that Fancy can bring to your website.

What makes Fancy so fancy

Fancy may be lighter than a full CMS but it packs a big punch

Open Source

Because Fancy is open source, many different developers can contribute to it. That means that you get a more reliable product and faster bug/security patches.
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Super Editor

The editor found in the Fancy Dashboard is very powerful. You can write in HTML, Markdown, and WYSIWYG. You can also switch between the editors in real time. You can even upload Microsoft Word (docx) files to the Fancy editor and it will insert them into your page.

Don't Change Your Development Style

You don't have to treat a Fancy page any differently to a static HTML page during development. Simply develop it as if it was a static page and then add a single line of code and your page is fancy.

Runs almost anywhere

Fancy can run anywhere MySQL/MariaDB (requires at least 5.6 and 10.0.1 respectively) and PHP can run. This means that you can even start using Fancy on shared hosting services that don't let you install software.

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